renny masmada

by Renny Masmada

Appreciation of local art that is one of the branches of culture, if maintained,  grown, developed, will create  a very large gain in the social sector and the nation’s economy.

Nusantara cultural wealth, if properly interpreted, would be the emotional power of the infinite for the enrichment of the religious repertoire which is so heterogeneous, spread across the region Nusantara, without worrying about  a conflict which has emerged precisely because of the negative issues of a group of people who would destroy the unity of the nation.

Evidently, hundreds of years the nation was able to adapt to different cultures, civilizations and religions that come from outside, without the need to destroy the layout-the civilization that has been inherited. However, loss of self-identity of the character from an occupation for three and a  half  centuries by western nations, creating distrust of the nation to re-ecognize the importance of the legacy of the ancestors, one of which is self-confidence has a wealth of potential and natural resources.

If the nation’s leaders behave like the colonialists, the nation’s growing loss of identity. The people worse off to the deepest  abyss. The people back into the butt of the interests of the colonizers in other forms. Sooner or later people will be buried.  The people no longer have a heritage of immense natural richness, cultural and  spiritual noble values that have been the pride of the nation.

Great Nusantara, the Republic of Indonesia will only be a tale of children and grandchildren someday  as a country that ever existed on planet earth as the middle of nowhere, with no clear origin.

The greatness of the nation’s history will be lost is replaced with an entirely new ideology was known as the philosophical heritage of the nation.

If the public consciousness as described above to grow back, be born Nusantara new phase, namely the Republic of Indonesia with much soul ever since hundreds  of years  ago, as a nation that has a diverse country with wealth.

Consciousness has a sense of the nation, will again give confidence to the entire community to catch up, which has indeed created by the invaders, or a handful  of ourcommunity-minded colonists.

Technological developments and the strong currents of foreign cultures  are crammed into the culture and our civilization, it will be a wealth of civilization, not a fearsome threat.

Cultural and moral force that the nation has ever had since hundreds or even thousands of years ago, should be capable of being a holy-spirit of the people of Indonesia, the stronger must create opportunities to grow together with the world community, regardless of their culture and civilization. Foreign nations will eventually respect and trust is very high on our nation, a nation that had known civilization long before the United States and several other countries in the world was born.

To obtain normative values as described above, it is time this great nation did not just reform, but large-scale restoration.

One of the most important thing is  to restore, the conception of maritime nations, is evident in the recorded history of this nation to be able to bring an honorable  nation abroad in its day.

Maritime nothing new.

But the long journey of this nation, which had almost forgotten about the origins  of the strategic concept which had proclaimed the founding-father, long before the proclamation of independence, has been so firmly embedded in the soul of every great  nation today.

We do not understand the meaning of unity nusantara, which implicitly gives an understanding of how broad and diverse ethnicity, culture and geography of the nation.

For that, it’s time we are now seriously and intelligently renovating our maritime, with the concept of a more professional, in line with the development of world culture and civilization that continues to reach its highest point.

I call this concept as: NEO MARITIME INDONESIA.

Neo Maritime Indonesia is the new language of national philosophy that ever existed on this earth Nusantara, sourced from the conception of the state Maritime initiated by Gajah Mada, as the father of the nation, based on the philosophy of national unity,  as set out in the book Sutasoma by Rakawi Tantular: BhinnekaTunggalIkatanhanadharmamangrwa , which means: It varies, but one, there is no ambiguity of truth, truth is absolute.

Salam Nusantara ..!


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